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Watermelon! Review

January 30, 2010

This arcade-styled game is sure to get you in love with its cute watermelon graphics and music. MAXIMUM WATERMELON!

Watermelon! is a arcade-styled game by GAMEGOU. Armed with cute graphics and design, I certainly fell in love with it in an instant!  The premise of the game is simple, shoot watermelons at the invading robots (They look too cute to be called robots though :P), with the aim of getting them on back where they belong, on the moon. To achieve that, you have to chain a series of watermelons so they will get hit multiple times and soon transverse to the moon. The robots are hostile to the watermelon-throwing hero though, shooting him with bullets and hampering his quest to get them back where they belong! There are some friendlier robots though, giving you health points provided you do not treat them with the same watermelon treatment!

“Take that watermelon!”

There are 12 levels in the game, with 4 waves per level. However, the game “saves” at every 3 levels. So essentially, you can only start at levels 1, 4, 7, 10 (you get it) when you want to play the game. I would love to be able to start at every level, but this is just a minor gripe. The music, done by Danpaladin, is very addictive and well-fitting for the game. The craziness of the music only adds to the enjoyment of play in the game. The tilt controls also feel natural and easy to use. I would certainly hope to see a better integrated highscore and statistics system, like ability to put names on highscore tables. After all, if this was planned to be like an arcade game, there should be names on the highscore system, so one can challenge other to out compete each other.

“It gets difficult!”

The gameplay is simple and fun, well-suited for the 5 minute break. It feels like playing a really cute arcade game with all the hectic tilting and swiping, and Watermelon! certainly executes it well. If you are expecting some sort of storyline or depth in the game, you will be disappointed. Otherwise, it is definitely a worth-getting for the arcade goodness!

– Clean, imaginative graphics and crazy-fun music

– Fun arcade-styled gameplay

– No real depth in the game;

– Highscore system can be improved!

This arcade-styled game is sure to get you in love with its cute watermelon graphics and music if you are seeking simple fun. MAXIMUM WATERMELON!

Watermelon! by GAMEGOU (Game version reviewed: 1.0.0; Price as of review: $0.99)

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