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Review System

Our Review System

We use a system of 3 hearts in our ratings. We do have a special accolade on top of getting the full 3 hearts, given only to those applications and games we find a must-buy and most deserving. When we confer this accolade, we strongly recommend our readers to check the game out!

Otherwise, here is our 3-heart review system and what each heart means

(1/3) “Worth the skip” – Our 1-heart rating means we recommend you not getting the application/game. It might not be a totally bad (*cough* shit *cough*) application or game, and there might still be merits found in the application/game. But our point is that we strongly feel that it is worth the skip for now.

(2/3) “Consider getting” – Our 2-heart rating means we feel that our readers could consider getting the application/game. We probably found some positives that make getting the game worthwhile to grab, however there are still certain areas that could be improved which is why we say consider getting for now.

(3/3) “Worth getting“” – Getting a 3-heart means we feel the application/game is worth getting! We probably feel that it stands up to its current price point, and that it is polished and well-developed – indeed worth getting!

(3/3) + apploved accolade “Must get!” – Our highest rating conferred on the site! The 3-heart + apploved accolade represents our strongest recommendation for the application/game. We feel that our readers should strongly check out this applications due to the enjoyment we had playing the application!

apploved accolade

Our “apploved’ accolade and award that we give to applications and games we feel that all users should check out. This is the highest honor bestowed on our site and we will be very selective in giving this award to any application/game. Any application/game which we feel deserve this award will have this displayed at the end of the review.

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